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HIPPO III Research Flight 03 :: Alaska to Hawaii

March 29, 2010

HIPPO III RF04 :: Forward CameraThe NSF/NCAR GV took off from the Anchorage Airport and headed west to Cold Bay, where they did a missed approach at the Cold Bay Airport, a main commercial center of the Aleutian Islands. From there, they banked around to the south and headed for Hawaii, and warmer weather. Along the way they did 7 dips (see Google earth flight track in image above) reaching altitudes of just over 500 feet above the ocean surface to heights of 41,000 feet.



Cold Bay 1
Appraoching Cold Bay, AK
Cold Bay 2
Cold Bay, AK
Cold Bay 3
Cold Bay, AK
Low dip over Pacific Ocean

HIPPO III RF03 :: Stretching
HIPPO crew taking time to stretch!

HIPPO III RF03 :: Big Island
Appraoching the Big Island, HI
HIPPO III RF03 :: Big Island, HI
Clouds over Hawaii

HIPPO III RF03 :: Mauna Loa Kea, HI
Mauna Loa (background)
Mona Kea (foreground), HI
HIPPO III RF03 :: Arrival!
Warm weather!

HIPPO III RF03 :: Hawaiian Coast
Hawaiian Coast

VIDEO :: RF03 Forward Looking Camera