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HIPPO In the News

tundra_sq.jpgSwinging CO2 Levels Show the Earth is 'Breathing' More Deeply
08 August 2013
GV_RarotongaCientistas fazem mapeamento inédito de gases na atmosfera
eco Notícias
16 September 2011
20110909_hippo_arctic_sq.jpgPole-to-Pole Research Flights Document Greenhouse Gases
Environment News Service
9 September 2011
HIPPO_PR_09.07.11First Global Portrait of Greenhouse Gases Emerges from Pole-to-Pole Flights
7 September 2011
HIPPO_V_RF01Fifth and Final Pole-to-Pole Aircraft Study of Greenhouse Gases is Underway
NOAA :: Earth Systems Research Laboratory
8 August 2011
NCAR_PublicationHIPPO Takes to the Skies: Measuring Earth's Atmospheric Constituents
NCAR Publications
20 June 2011
NOAAFourth Pole-to Pole Airborne Study of Greenhouse Gases and Black Carbon
NOAA :: Earth Systems Research Laboratory
16 June 2011
HIPPO_Roy_ScoHIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
15 April 2011
copy_of_India_burning.jpgThe Final Climate Frontiers
Science News
4 December 2010

NZST125cover.jpg New Zealand Association of Science Teachers
Issue 125 :: 2010

news.2010.hippo.jpgJet Reveals Atmosphere's Secrets
18 August 2010
UOW_News.jpgHIPPO fly-past measures CO2 from Wollongong as part of a global mission
University of Wollongong
27 November 2009

poletopole.jpgPole-to-Pole air trek collects valuable air samples
25 November 2009

hiaper_f1_sq.jpg Greenhouse Gas Probe
12 November 2009

niwa_plane_2.jpg US research plane measures gas over Otago
11 November 2009
nz3video.pngScientists in Christchurch to sample our atmosphere
11 November 2009

NZ_outreach_sq.jpgUS jet tests gas levels in sweep of NZ atmosphere
11 November 2009

RarotongaBiomassBurning_sq.jpgTesting Our Air
Cook Islands Herald
11 November 2009
1bcff6482558d764fc90.jpgIs it a bird? a plane? No, it’s a low flying hippo
10 November 2009
20110909_hippo_arctic_sq.jpgUS Scientists Measure Gases Over Central Otago
Otago Daily Times
10 November 2009
HIPPO_Reuters_India_sq.jpgHow Scientists Are Trying to Solve the Carbon Riddle
Reuters - India
9 November 20009

NCAR.jpg Global Warming Study To Take To The Sky
CBS 4 Denver
5 November 2009

haipermoonandlead.jpgFlying HIPPO!
The Polar Field Services Newsletter
4 November 2009

hiaper_f1_sq.jpgFlying to the ends of the Earth to measure greenhouse gases
4 November 2009

11439367_BG1.jpg Plane sampling atmosphere lands in Anchorage after Arctic flight
NBC 2 Anchorage
3 November 2009

hippo2_300.jpgNOAA Scientists Fly to the Ends of the Earth to Measure Greenhouse Gases
2 November 2009
HIPPO_Ch4.pngMission to Curb Global Warming to take Flight
CBS 4 Denver
25 October 2009
DC_Pavel_sq.jpgNCAR research jet ready for takeoff
Boulder Daily Camera
24 October 2009
brr.jpgSampling While Soaring
The Polar Field Services Newsletter
23 October 2009


HIPPO_PR_09.07.11On the Trail of Greenhouse Gases
CBS News
27 March 2009
HIPPO_jettingtheirwaytoabetterunderstandingofglobalwarming_1.jpgJetting Their Way to a Better Understanding of Global Warming
Scientific American
30 January 2009
hiaper_f1_sq.jpgScientists Fly Pole-to-Pole to Map Atmosphere
Red Orbit
30 January 2009
HIPPO_Reuters_sq.jpgPole-to-Pole Flight Finds CO2 Piling Up Over Arctic
30 January 2009
HIPPO_Wofsy_sq.jpgScientists Aboard High Tech Jet Sample CO2 Pole-to-Pole
Environment News Service
30 January 2009
HIPPO_1_Flight_Track_sq.jpgFirst Glimpse of Greenhouse Gases Come Into View
30 January 2009
20110909_hippo_arctic_sq.jpgPole-to-Pole Flights Provide First Global Picture of Greenhouse Gases
UCAR AtmosNews
29 January 2009
hamish_chisholm_launches_a_balloon_at_the_lauder_sq.jpgNIWA in Global CO2 Project
Otago Daily Times
22 January 2009
HIPPO_Britt_News_sq.jpgMission Aims to Better Understand Climate Change
19 January 2009
hiaper_f1_sq.jpgHIPPO Mission Launches to Tracks Greenhouse Gas
Flight Global 
15 January 2009
HIPPO_PR_09.07.11Jet Used to Improve CO2 Measures
The Harvard Crimson
11 January 2009
news.2010.hippo.jpgHarvard's "Hippo" Jet Heads to Poles Sampling Greenhouse Gases
8 January 2009
GV_RarotongaGlobal Warming Studied From Research Jet
United Press International (UPI)
8 January 2009

hiaper_f1_sq.jpgScientists Take Off on Historic Mission to Measure Greenhouse Gases That Have an Impact On Climate
National Science Foundation
7 January 2009



HIPPO is a landmark study for many reasons, not the least of which is it is the first time scientists have systematically mapped global distribution of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, covering the full troposphere in all seasons and multiple years.

  • HIPPO I :: 8 January-30 January 2009
  • HIPPO II :: 31 October-22 November 2009
  • HIPPO III :: 24 March-16 April 2010
  • HIPPO IV :: 14 June-11 July 2011
  • HIPPO V :: 9 August-9 September 2011