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Research Instruments

The payload and aircraft operationss require the following staff to be onboard:

  • 1 for SP2-Ozone
  • 1 for PANTHER, UCATS and NWAS
  • 2 for QCLS, one of these is also mission scientist
  • 1 for O2, MEDUSA
  • 1 RAF mechanic
  • 1 ADS technician / safety officer
  • 1 RAF project manager

8 total seats in the back.

Wing stores: The project will fly with 4 PMS instruments: RWI: MTP; RWO: UHSAS; LWI: CDP; LWO: 25 um 2D-C (2D-C was removed from the project due to a problem with probe interface that compromised data quality).

This is the final floor plan (link to PDF version here).

HIPPO Payload Floor Plan


HIPPO is a landmark study for many reasons, not the least of which is it is the first time scientists have systematically mapped global distribution of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, covering the full troposphere in all seasons and multiple years.

  • HIPPO I :: 8 January-30 January 2009
  • HIPPO II :: 31 October-22 November 2009
  • HIPPO III :: 24 March-16 April 2010
  • HIPPO IV :: 14 June-11 July 2011
  • HIPPO V :: 9 August-9 September 2011