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Anchorage, Alaska USA

The first stop of the GV will be in Anchorage, Alaska, where the plane can be serviced, resupplied and have any need maintenance performed.

Anchorage is a convenient location for the GV stop and refuel before heading up towards the North Pole. The amount of fuel that can be carried on any given flight dictates how far the aircraft can travel because it needs enough fuel to travel as far north as possible and have enough fuel to return back. Having a location that the GV can stop at to be serviced and refueled this far north allows for research to occur as far past the Arctic Circle (66.56083° N) as possible. The GV will actually get closer to 85° North, with enough fuel to travel safely back to Anchorage.

From Anchorage Alaska, the GV flies roughly an out-and-back flight towards the North Pole, then comes back to Anchorages for refueling and maintenance. The GV will then make it's way south to Hilo, Hawaii on an 8 hour flight, all the while taking atmospheric samples from altitudes of 1000' - 45,000' above sea level.

Anchorage , AK Weather


HIPPO is a landmark study for many reasons, not the least of which is it is the first time scientists have systematically mapped global distribution of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, covering the full troposphere in all seasons and multiple years.

  • HIPPO I :: 8 January-30 January 2009
  • HIPPO II :: 31 October-22 November 2009
  • HIPPO III :: 24 March-16 April 2010
  • HIPPO IV :: 14 June-11 July 2011
  • HIPPO V :: 9 August-9 September 2011