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South Pole (towards 67° S)

Flight Plan: The GV will leave Christchurch and head south, towards the South Pole, approaching 67° South and return back to Christchurch on one load of fuel, and a safety margin of fuel to spare. The NSF/NCAR GV would go farther if it could hold more fuel, unfortunately that is the limiting factor of how far south the NSF/NCAR GV can travel. It is surprisingly quite a distance from New Zealand to Antarctica.

The flight towards the South Pole from Christchurch will be approximately 8.5 hours, and will cover about 2800 miles (4500 km). During the flight, the NSF/NCAR GV will perform somewhere around 8 dips, which is how the vertical profiles are collected.

McMurdo, Antarctica Weather


HIPPO is a landmark study for many reasons, not the least of which is it is the first time scientists have systematically mapped global distribution of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, covering the full troposphere in all seasons and multiple years.

  • HIPPO I :: 8 January-30 January 2009
  • HIPPO II :: 31 October-22 November 2009
  • HIPPO III :: 24 March-16 April 2010
  • HIPPO IV :: 14 June-11 July 2011
  • HIPPO V :: 9 August-9 September 2011